Play at Rubber Ball I

I asked him to drop his trousers at the cross and pull up the sweater. His sweat was salty. The cross is a favourite, legs and hands apart and strapped tightly, making moves impossible, or just allowing enough movement to make the submissive realise that he or she cannot move anywhere. The first night of our play I did not use the restraints, I did not want to.

Don’t move”

It should be sufficient enough, but he is not one of those ones. He is the type I want, the only type I can consider playing with.  A struggling kind, some fire, energy and resistance.

I started off stroking, then a bite every now and then, a nail scratching, heavier strokes, going deeper. Digging my palms into muscles. Made him moan a bit. Wiggle his cute, well shaped ass. I did not have any toys with me, except from my body and his. A canvas. as cheesy as it may sound. It is a canvas, and I am a creative person with muscles and a brain. And I’m longing for colour, blushing skin and guttural sounds.

I hit his buttcheeks, alternating between a cupped and flat palm of my hand, changing in speed and changing in how heavy I let the strokes land. I hit his back.

He says he can’t take it. I don’t listen. He says that he can’t take it, I listen enough to give a warm part a stroke with my tongue. I’m so gracious. There and then, in my frame of mind, he did deserve it. He wiggled and moved around, even when he was told not to do so. Perfect…

I pressed my body against his, let him know that I removed the bolero from my upper body and that I got sweaty because of him. Painting him in colours I love.

20 minutes later, after hitting his back and ass, and also slapping the back of his thighs I’m wrapping things up. He wanted to get off the cross, begged me, without asking about permission to speak. I ignored it.

Stand there, stay still until I say you can move”

I backed away from his body on the cross, monitored his deep breaths and still heard him whimpering every now and then. With my eyes fixed I took a zip of my water, got the clothes back on, adjusted the bolero so it only partially showed off my breasts and slowly moved closer. Took my time..

I was so aware of the audience it another rush travelled like electric through my body.

This is a scene, this is a show, and I can direct in any way possible.

Step down”

He stepped down from the cross. I asked for him to thank me. He kissed my shoe and I gave him a smile.




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