Play at Europride 2008


Kneeling. Mouth full of Js cock. I like sucking his cock. I like it because I like it, because he likes it and because I can be nothing and everything. Receptacle, sex toy/slave, boi learning the essential skills of adulthood, slut who finds her own pleasure in doing a sexual act.
As you read this text, it could be a part of an act of submission. It could also be the ultimate act of dominance…

We are in Sweden and J and I are at the famous club Dekadance in Stockholm. We have celebrated Pride, J has dealt and is still dealing with language- difficulties. And my mouth is full of him.
At Perv Pride 2008 the floor is immaculatley clean. And I get to inspect it further, on close hand.
He whips, hit, push, shove me around, pinch, kiss. He push me forcefully to the floor, ordering me to crawl. I crawl for him, but a uncovered ass in the air, slowly wiggling myself forward. Standing up, more of the singletail snakewhip. He push me down again, faceslaps and press his shoe to my chest. Our eyes meet and I see the wicked grin in his face, matched by a sparkle in his eyes.


Ju stands half a meter away from the wall that she faces. I stroke her skin, getting closer with every touch. Her response is what I am searching for.
She has her eyes closed, and a she shivers a bit when the ice touch nipples. Ice-cubes, then flicking the nipples,stroking them and then, I attach the nipple clamps, wiggle them slowly while scratching her back with sharp nails, leaving thin marks on her back.

The rush is there. Again.  I stand back to watch what is standing before me, for once feeling calm, even if the adrenaline goes through my body, like waves of heat. We got all the time in the world.

Warming up the skin with a soft,thuddy flogger and soft slaps.
Moving on to sharper flogger, moving on to heavier slaps, and Ju makes sounds. Those low, guttural sounds. Skin is warm to touch, her bum has a beautiful redish colour.
Stop for a second, pet her on the head, she is a good girl.
Ju, you are a really good girl.

Tickle her to wake her up, smile at her attempt to flee and pull one of the nippleclamps while hitting harder and harder with the flogger. Stopping again, just to find the waxcandle. Ju is not seeing anything, but can feel the heat coming closer, and then wax dripping.
First like a tap that is slowly leaking. The faster and faster, almost spitting out the warm wax from the candle. Building it up, and then, pulling the clamps off the nipples. Ju screams. I kiss.






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