The monsters are coming.

Or they came, they stood in a que for 45 minutes, had a drink, had a play,flirted, got tired, got home and some of us had an infections after standing in line to get in to the venue.
Yep, that was my Halloween. Some claim AntiChrist is a brilliant club, I don’t.

I must admit that I am in a bit of a rut. What to do when studies creep up on you from behind and you start to eat like an idiot. I would say, well. Stop eating that much, get on with studies, dress up in a latexdress and feel good about having everything that you do. Well, I don’t. Sorry world, but autumn is not my thing. I don’t do it very well at all. The latex that I have was not bought for this sized body, and something needs to be done. So I lick the last out of the jar of Nutella and maybe head down to the gym.
Or that is not a maybe, it is a must.

This weekend it will be the first when my two favorite clubs clash. And I intend to go to both.

To Club Fukk because how sexy it is, because of the people you can meet in the basement of Central Station, because sleeze and hormones is in the air, along side with laughter and endless curiosity. Because it is a playspace liberated from the boring assumptions about gender and sexual practices. Because I get off on fucking in public, because it is fun and well-organised.

To Subversion because how well organised it is. Playarea, plenty of seating, good dancefloor. And always some interesting play to look at or feels comfortable enough to have a good play. It is more purely a fetish/bdsm club with no couples room, easy to socialise and always friendly people. And it is just around the corner from where I live.
The weekend is going to be hot, and before the weekend I plan on getting out of this rot and get life going. Somehow.

And oh. This is hilarious. And I start to dribble when seeing muscles tensed like that. And laugh my head off because of the rest.


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