I am not sick anymore!

At least not according to the Swedish  National Board of Health and Welfare.

Do you live in Sweden and get an amazing buzz out of dressing up in the clothes of a different gender? Maybe someone spank you every once in a while and call you Charlie? Maybe you get a rush of yanking those nippleclamps off a partner that is horny as hell?

You are not sick anymore!

From 1st of january 2009 the “disorders” that are “left” are transsexuality, exhibitionism, voyerism and paedophilia and according to Lars-Eric Holm this is because of the impossibilites to give transsexual individuals the correction that transpeople want and need, and because the others are illegal actions that damages others…

Holm also want to work with colleagues in Scandinavia aswell as WTO to find a common ground to stand on.

Celebrate good times!
As homosexuality in Sweden was declassified as a sickness in the 70’s, now the same thing happens and hopefully this is just the beginning.

For more reading (in swedish)




2 responses to “I am not sick anymore!

  • electronic doll

    But back here in Blighty, our brains are still addled…


    So, who’s up for a trip to more enlightened climes?

  • Ve

    Actually, Sweden may be “enlightened” but there are perfect reasons for why I am staying in the U.K.
    Because London is better than Sweden altogether. 🙂

    Could do with some more colours though. And better housing, cheaper food and costs of living. But hey ho.

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