Swedish Fetish- Andrea Belluso, & Male Submission Art

Swedes are perverted. Everyone knows that, just take a look at this.

That is just an example of exactly how perverted we are. Damn us.

Earlier this year, a very special book was published, with photographs made by Andrea Belluso, who’s photographs has resulted in the book ‘Swedish Fetish’.

© Andrea Belluso

This is a book that is not, unlike many other collections, only uses professional models that maybe not have any connection to the actual physical act, nor any kind of relation to possible fetish pictured. It is not like the compliations of Marquis and such either, with women only being there for the male gaze, passive and pouting in random latexoutfit. I must admit. I hate Marquis. I hate Marquis so much I could commit a crime everytime I lay my eyes on it. I hate Marquis so much that I start to consider to become vanilla sometimes. A more male-centric, sexistic, ******** , ******* magazine is hard to find. Will come back to you readers with some samples of the idiocracies published in Marquis.

So I don’t read Marquis, I stare at Belluso’s work instead. And this is one more sample of what I see.

Andrea BellusoThere is good images out there, images that can tickle the fantasy and be artistic. Gosh, I am sounding like a elitist, with certain stanAndrea Bellusodards. I guess I am. So shoot me. I like kitsch, I like trash, I like sleaze, but I want to be challenged. To think, even if it is so just for a moment. Pictures of sex and sexual acts are so fucked (in a sterilised, normative way) that we hardly react to it, which means that at least I feel that I want something that is not like that. Something that is not just for me but also for the person pictured. Object and subject.
All hail Belluso for doing this!

Another interesting website when it comes to images, is Male Submission Art. Many of the pictures are steaming hot, with men that are awesomely beautiful, and pictures that do not focus on the dominant woman, instead we have our eyes fixed on the man. You can at all times contribute to this amazing site as well!


Male Submission Art

Swedish Fetish by Andrea Belluso



One response to “Swedish Fetish- Andrea Belluso, & Male Submission Art

  • maymay

    Hi there; I realize this is a bit late but thank you for blogging about MaleSubmissionArt.com. I appreciate the kind words, and the fact that you’ve reminded folks that contributions are encouraged! To be blunt, I could not keep the site going if it were not for the eyes and ears of viewers who send me the pictures they like so that I have a stream of content to post. Thank you!

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