London Fetish Fair & London Alternative Market

I don’t think  ( and really hope) that no one objects when I say that kink is big buisness and loads of money. Because it is.  Searching on the internet makes you find virtually everything. Some of the sites and buisnesses are great, some are less great, and my ‘humble’ opinion is that most of it is kack.
My own shopping is more or less based on the senses. I like touch and use it when ever I can. But I also like to be able to pay a fair amount of money, rather than a mad over-the-top kind of style. I don’t think a horsewhip that is 10 quid should be 40 just because it is sold as a BDSM-object.

In Sweden, there is a certain limitation of choice, as everywhere else. Everyone can find the local hardware store (which are great!) and in at least every smaller city there is a ‘erotic boutique’ or pr0n shop as I like to call them. I may be judgemental, but it is rare that the conventional store actually have something that is both good quality and safe to use and furthermore, staff is not very interested in helping out. I am talking about normal towns here folks, in Sweden, and we may be perverts, but the market is still bollocks, filled with toys that are both dangerous, badly produced, riding on the fears of the consumers, etc etc. So, either if you are into the pain and domination filth or if you are just dipping your toes, it can be recommended  to do some research.  And to help you out, I am going to start the…..*drumsolo*

‘Ve’s guide to filthy shopping’

next week.

But before that starts, there is other hunting grounds to be found. If you are so lucky and spend some time in London then it could be that you find yourself being able to go to London Fetish Fair (LFF) or London Alternative Market (LAM). Both are markets aimed for the pervert who like to socialise, learn and maybe shop.
LAM is every first Sunday of the month and LFF takes place every second Sunday. If you are in London and have the possibility to go, do. The prices are fair, the people are fun and it is also no dresscode + playpartys after each and every event.


2 responses to “London Fetish Fair & London Alternative Market

  • Josephine

    Dear Ve,
    (first time commenting but thanks for the great blog)… Yes please on the guide to filthy shopping! Since moving to Sweden I have been at a loss as to where to go shopping. I very much miss the LFF and LAM. I have had some very successful shopping trips to both but here in Sweden… so any tips gratefully received!

    • Ve

      Dear Josephine, welcome to the glorious world of More Inches*hrm*, I guess that was a bit over the top. Any how, welcome:).

      I will do my best to search out the places I can come to think about, as well as general tips regarding what to actually think about when buying. If you come across anything, please let me know, everything is welcome.

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