I know. I am good at finding loads of interesting things to read, rather than writing my own post. What is worse is that I choose to post them here,  instead of writing properly. And my excuse? I have none! The guide to shopping seem to come to nothing for the moment.

Anyhow. There is the ‘research’ that has been conducted by a certain blogger that resulted in the conclusion that male dom’s are bawwd pwepol, women are conditioned victims and BDSM is, by default the carrier of all bad things that patriarchy stands for.  To follow all that, the ever so brilliant SM-feminist has all the action collected here.   Letters of Gehennas ‘The Shareef Don’t Like It’ is a post with the short version of all the things that has come up during these discussions.

But what is the most brilliant thing is the recent development, is this and this.

The most amazing post this week though, is Habu’s ‘Of Kink…’ and the week get of to a good start with these words from the post

“I’ve always been where the front lines are when it really matters, and if that’s not “feminist” enough for those with smoke blowing out their ears from behind they keyboards, my answer really comes down to ‘Tough shit.’

They’ve got a problem with it, it’s their problem, not mine.”


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