George Tiller,August 8, 1941 – May 31, 2009, RIP

Words cannot express how I feel after a couple of days in Prague. Not because it was beautiful and the food was amazing. But because of The Guardian I pick up on the airport back home to a schorching hot London. As always, the vacation ended up us being in a world of it’s own, not noting very much of what is actually happening and the newspaper reminded me of many things.

Not only are over 200 people in a plane missing, presumed dead, somewhere between Brazil and Paris, but George Tiller, a doctor who performed late abortions in the U.S was shot on the 31st of may 2009 by a right-wing, christian fundamentalist nutter/idiot.

I am not going to write about the great deads of Tiller, glorification is not what I do best. Instead I want to point towards the women that came to his clinic, in dire need of medical help and emotional support.
It is their bodies, it is their life and nothing can take that away from them. Except that people try to. And managed to kill Tiller. There is not really much to say, other than ” Take your rosaries off my ovaries ” and continue the struggle.





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