Moral scare in the hedonist Sweden?

There is a small store in Malmoe, the city that I live in during the summer. Sweden is not like London, but I guess that comes to no surprise to you, dear reader. We do not have the Camden or the specialised areas were you can find any kind of outfit if you are drawn to a specific subculture like goth, or if you are in to the more fetishy versions of gothclothes. There is no racks filled with corsets, pvc and other almost generic types of clothing. Basically, there is not the same luxury of being able to find a kink-item around every corner like you can do in the U.K. But I am not complaining about that. A couple of days ago I visited the same store to relive some of my teen memories (black hair and black eyeliner, patches with bandnames like Nine Inch Nails and Broder Daniel ironed on to the shoulderbag) and to browse the fab fake eyelashes I know they stock. While walking around browsing I noticed a very weird sign telling me that unless I was 18 years of age or above, I was not allowed to try or buy a pvc-item. HUH? Yep, that is correctly understood. Walking around in the store I could not help but notice that clothing like corsets, underwear, certain types of ‘bondagetrousers’ (you know the sort with buckles and straps and things that thin gothboys love to wear) as well as high heels and boots had no age restriction. Only the pcv. I am a curious person, can’t help it, so I just had to ask the stuff what this restriction was about. She was very helpful and explained it was not the store that had come up with this on their own accord, rather than parents who had been upset when their offspring had brought this types of clothing back home. Apparently it had something to do with being ‘appropriate’ as well as then sexual overtones that pvc as an item is carrying. The bad will received around this item had forced the store to strike a compromise and hence the age-restriction. She also pointed out that there is the possibility to ‘go to parties dressed in these items’ and that had also effected the opinions of the parents. So: beware under-aged pervert! No can have pvc! Seriously though, during the conversation I said quite blunt that I myself go to parties like that and am very well aware of the connotations that pvc as a material carry itself. My amazement was hard to disguise but I bid a polite farewell and went out of the door. Steaming of anger. First of all: the parties. There is a couple of parties in this part of Sweden, but not many. None of the allow you to gain entry if you are underaged (18). So not only are the parties rare but they are also guarded like any other club by that rule. Second: how about the corsets? The boots, the high heels? The bondagetrousers, the sweater with all the straps that you can ‘get stuck’ in? The ‘cute’ underwear in sizes that would fit any 12 year old goth girl? All of these items also carry strong sexual connotations, as well as being very ‘inappropriate’ (depending on whom you ask…). What the fuck is wrong with parents? I see very young girls getting thongs bought by their parents, see the streamlining of the ‘appropriate’ child being orchestrated, hearing the complaint about items being charged with certain implications but seeing none of the action being directed in any healthy manner… How about some jolly good, practical sex ed? Some parenting, so that if the kid go to these parties and the organizer is such a dick/cunt that they let them in, the kid will know of the consequences of breaking the rules from their parent. I am not a parent, thank heavens and to be honest I don’t like kids, especially not teen-agers. Or toddlers, or any kids for that matter. So the whole ‘raising a (b)rat and things I do not know of, but one thing I do know is that I am tired of people not taking responsibility. Or misguiding their responsibility. So, yeah. I live in Sweden. A country with fresh air, social security and no more censorship of movies. But it is also a country in which the double-standard and confused messages that are sent to young people make a store quit selling a certain clothes-item to under-aged. Where the prostitutionlaw is bollocks and were the scare of ‘everything’ makes the political establishment call for more control. Nice.




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