Read this instead

The sun is out and I promise to bring the computer to the beach. Not. Instead, there is other interesting things to read, by people who are far better at up-dating their blogs.

So here it goes. Natalia Antonova went to Jordan and probably did not expect to get tze old ‘Get dressed! Men can look at you. And women in ‘the Middle East never show legs’. Her response is so fucking good, and don’t forget to read the amazing comment from the selfproclaimed feminist who expressed the opinion from the beginning.

‘Homosexual propaganda’ is prohibited in Lithuania. Back and forth, but in the end parliament voted to overrun the previous presidents veto against the law that was decribed as to vague and discriminatory.
writes about the backwards and plainly stupid and dangerous law, a law that is written in the 21st century, in a country that is supposed to be modern.


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