Short story

There is a certain itch there. I want to touch the giggling body.
Can the other housemates hear her voice slip through the wood of the door?
Running thoughts back and forth, breathing hard to try to curb a certain enthusiasm. No stress.
Stroking my crotch against her body, nailing it down with the weight of my body and wondering…
What next?

She is not a still body, waiting to be conquered, she is forceful and still laughing with every movement. She even laughs every now and then when I hit her buttocks or the back of her thighs with the palm of my hand.

We share a kiss and she taste of nicotine.
Quick pinches back and forth, moaning and laughing.
J stands in the middle of the room, wrapping the tall and naked D. D smiles as his body disappear underneath the black tape. He is becoming less and less able to move.

I leave S, handing her over to J, who light the waxcandle. She twitches still, but has even more of a glaze in her eyes… D lies on the bed beside her, watch her and the wax dripping over the strong body. When the Hitachi is turned on, it makes him shiver, a lot. But he cannot move anywhere, and I laugh out loud when continuing pressing the vibrator against his crotch.

Me and J have a certain goal with that evening. A certain goal with the darlings and in the end we watch her fuck D with a strapon. J holds me tight while I come hard.
And whatever goal we had, it really does not matter now.


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