“I’d love to see you on all four, in front of some hot guy who would just fuck you senseless”

“you.. what??”

That’s a more or less exact transcript of a discussion this sunday, when I told my very much heterosexual male play/love/hugfriend (hugfriend? I’m keeping that one, from now on, he is my hugfriend) that I’d like to see him get fucked. We didn’t get much further than that, but jumped right into the discussion about why. And why? Well, first of all, to him, being penetrated means being submissive. We all (yes, all of us) know that that’s not true, that you can be the one recieving and still be the top, or dominant. Also, to him, being penetrated is something for women and even if he is a good feminist and all, he still thinks of the female role as submissive. Which is one good reason I had so much fun tying him up and fucking him… But that’s another story.

To him, surrendering to another man and getting fucked would be the horror of horrors. He might maybe possibly let me penetrate him. But that’s a huge maybe. Why would it be so horrible? To me it’s really strange this completely hetero mindset, where he really finds men that anti-attractive. There really isn’t anything for me to compare with.

The rest of the sunday continued with constant comments in the lines of “well, you just want to see me get sodomized anyway”.
I really tried to explain that there is something irresistible with the thought of his masculine, manly beauty combined with the pain and humiliation he would feel from enjoying such a thing. Not that I know if he’d enjoy it, but if he would, that face would be just.. ah. This explanation didn’t help at all.



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