Although this is written on a mobile device I’ve just felt the need to share what is happening in this moment. My fucktoy is lying next to me in bed, tapping away on the computer and working on a written task I’ve given him. In due time I will post the link to his work here. He is doing very well.

As I read some schoolwork and he types away, this could become quite dull. But since he might need a reminder of what he is and who he belongs to, I decided to give him an reminder as well as making our Wednesday evening a bit more interesting.

So he had to drop his pants, bend over and feel my lubewet, latexclad fingers search their way into his ass, while he slowly wanked himself. Just a year ago or so I was not that into ass play but now fingerfucking asses is something I have started to love. Feeling the muscle, the warmth, the intimacy. Slowly fingerfucking while he is stroking his cock. Smelling the latexgloves.

So yeah, I am horny while writing this. The warm-up of his ass was to prepare for the plug. The heavy, smooth stainless steel plug. Oh, how it fits perfectly into his ass! He always twitch at bit in the moment it enters, moans, and yeah, it makes it even hotter.
I told him to pull up the trousers and to continue writing. But when I lay down on the bed resting on my belly uI realised that my feet were in the perfect position. So I had to give him a bit of a kick. Not too much though, he is still supposed to work. But enough that it made him squeal when his nuts and cock was kicked. And now he is writing again. Good boy. I will fuck your face later until your eyes will water.

I’m going back to my studies now, and he is writing away, plugged, prepared. Mine.

Update 15th october 2009:

He did very well. Read what he worked on here.


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