Church says yes

So yeah, I’m not religious and have been having a hard time to understand why people would want to be a part of a structure that through so many years clearly expressed a anti lgbt- attitude. I left the Swedish church in my late teens and even if I look back sometimes and think it was not the most constructive thing to do, I am very proud today. But not because I’ve left but because I used to belong to a structure that today has shown that it can change. Not only a semi-change (civil partnership) but also a full change GIVING SAME SEX COUPLES THE FULL RIGHT TO MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the light of queer activism around the world this is amazing news. Change can happen, take place and mean something rather than nothin. Empty words can become filled with a meaning. I’m not fooled in the fact that the meaning not always itself is the best one ( how come marriage is continued being viewed as the goal of love, as the ultimate manifestation of love?) but I do acknowledge single individuals want to enter such an agreement and manifestation and think they should have the every right to.
And now, finally, in Sweden you can


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  • shinymrmagpie

    This cheered me up no end. I was lucky enough to live there for a short while, so can begin to understand your feelings towards the church, but chatting with Scandinavian friends recently, there’s an understandable pride to this. I hope the UK brings parity to Civil Partnerships as a response (however unlikely) but mostly, that it continues to educate the rest of the world that it is just people- people in love.

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    […] Church says yes, part II- Lesbian bishop ordained Jump to Comments I know it’s a bit late, but the first week in november 2009, the first openly lesbian bishop was ordained in Uppsala. This is just weeks after the Swedish Church took the decision to allow same-sex marriages. […]

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