I’ve been bad


Daddy, I’ve been so bad. Not updating the blog…

No, not really. I’m just saying that all those updates I’m planning takes a bit more time than I thought. It’s worth waiting for, because we are going to be speaking about needles. We are going to look at a radical feminists argument against BDSM and pick it into pieces. And furthermore, in hopefully a not too distant future, more interviews with perverts.

So, what then?

First of all: did you know that keeping a slave makes you stay healthy?
Another site that is a bit better on keeping up to date is Island of Pain.
They report on the Sharon Warner Case, which is one of those brilliant, fucked up things that makes me sad, mad and frustrated.  I’m not going to try to put it better than it is already written:

Chavez, on the other hand, as the situation is described by Warner, seems to have mixed work ethics and lifestyle behaviour beyond what could be seen acceptable, even within the BDSM community. My opinion is that you are definitely on thin ice when you involve your graduate students in your lifestyle behaviour – Not moral reasons, but because certain dependencies issues are created, as the lines between work and lifestyle are blurred.

So, yeah, what is wrong with people who can’t see the power dynamics at play here?  Go ahead and be as kinky as you want, but let’s dwell for one second on consent. Consent, power and trust.  Thinking about those terms, that we are often playing with and then just not realising the implications of involving your students is just plain stupid. No one is judged yet, but I don’t care and have a really hard time feeling sorry for Chavez. Furthermore, as it’s said in the comments, this is not about kink. It could be, but it’s not about kink-rights.

Another stupidity is Julie Bindel’s latest rant on how horrible the trans-people are, or rather, the mutilation and distortion of gender that they portray; as well as how loud and threatening they are.  I can’t feel sorry for her. At all. She has been advocating many a important issues, but not understanding that her stance on transgendered people is so insensitive and out of touch is deserving of the award ‘Nutter of the week’.

Moving on to something completley else; the fact that we know nothing or very little about HPV (human papilloma virus). Poundcake explains it very clearly and it is indeed important to keep updated about all of these things. I want to stay healthy and do regular check-ups about every half year. It feels like a  total overhaul, like beeing a car that goes in on service. And even though I am careful it is always nervous doing the three-minute HIV test.

Tomorrow, at Trafalgar Square there will be a candle light vigil for Ian Baynham, who died after an attack in the end of september.
There will also be a march against homophobia in Liverpool, sometime in the end of November, following after recent homophobic attacks.


And a very hardhitting blog-entry on how the case is still not won in regards to LGBTQI-rights can be found here.


4 responses to “I’ve been bad

  • silia

    Yeah, ok, seriously, I might be an idiot now but I’m not sure I agree with your bashing of Bindel. She does have a point. If gender roles are something we learn, not some biopattern we have from the beginning.. I can’t see the reason why manifesting transexualism so often becomes so very much bound to the role.

    And yeah, I have to step up and question why it is so completely forbidden to critizes or discuss GD.

    And yeah 2, I have to wonder why the focus is so much on MTF. Even when it comes to kids with GD.

    GD-discussions are almost exclusively focused on male to female sexchanges. Why? This is like dancing around on a mine field. These are questions you aren’t even allowed to discuss.

    • silia

      So, I’m gonna argue with myself here:
      On the other hand: If you have been trapped in the role of the “wrong” sex your whole life, it must be freakin lovely to be allowed to just dive into the other role. I mean, going through all that, you are definitly worth doing that at the least.

      I don’t want to take that away.

      Anyone has any good reading material on gender roles, social gender and GD?

    • Ve

      The thing is, that you are allowed to discuss these issues, but they are almost always discussed at people, not with. I don’t know how constructive it is to tell transgendered ‘how it really is’ without taking their experiences into account.

      Re yeah 2:
      What I always come back to, at least personally for me, is that the body of a female is always the sight of change and improvement. It is always a body that is not hers, that is tweaked and modified, and to some extent made into something else in order to be anything at all. This does not just come from the inhabitants of these different female bodies or what we learn from society from a wider scope, but also from institutionalized images of how a female body should be like.
      I can’t really criticize the expression of femininity within a trans-community, because I’m doing it myself. It is my dragshow, a very personal dragshow, that allows me performing gender.
      This is not performance for so many, but you already know this.
      I would say that the balance to walk between the physical fact that you are born with the wrong body, the mental strains of living with that problem (or rather the world around you problems with it) and the expectations on what you would have to do to ‘transition’.
      But this again, I would prefer having someone who actually experiences this on a daily basis, because it is there that I think much of the frustration lies within. The part of being talked to, all the time, being questioned while not being able to /allowed to question so much for yourself. And that you can become a posterchild for everything that is wrong with stereotyped gender roles, while cisgendered men and women do not need to explain or defend themselves in the same way.

      Re MTF, I’ve found that it is something that is changing, or at least is a bit different where I am coming from.

      I will see what I can find on sex, gender, gender roles and GD.

  • Transgender discrimination – Island of Pain

    […] This, quite narrow minded article, was brought to my attention by our blogging friends over at It’s not enough. […]

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