Church says yes, part II- Lesbian bishop ordained

I know it’s a bit late, but the first week in november 2009, the first openly lesbian bishop was ordained in Uppsala. This is just weeks after the Swedish Church took the decision to allow same-sex marriages.

This is Eva Brunne, the new bishop, who lives with Gunilla Lindén and their three year old son.

With this, the Swedish Church continues to clearly express the simple, but yet so controversial statement, that everyone is included and welcome within their church and for that, I lift the glass and drink a toast.

Interview with the bishop




One response to “Church says yes, part II- Lesbian bishop ordained

  • Aeryn

    I want to clarify that the Church of Sweden have never had the authority to change marriage laws. Same-sex marriage was allowed in Sweden 1 of may this year due to a change of marriage laws made by the state. What the church decided this fall was to make a wedding ceremony that is neutral and works for all type of marriages and to ask that the state lets them keep the right to perform juridically valid marriage ceremonies.

    Good thing nevertheless

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