Great things ahead

New week, new horizons, a good feeling. I spent the weekend with friends, drinking to much alcohol, sleeping not very much, queuing 5 o’clock in the morning,   getting to know new, beautiful people, being flogged and then tied up in a rope-suspension. Will write a bit more about that later.

Now, first of all, if you are based in London or reasonable vincinity, or even far away and would not mind travelling for something special, you might want to check this out:

The event is the so called ‘illegitimate lovechild’, stemming from the San Francisco version with the same name, and I have a feeling it will be frigging awesome.
As fetish-clubs in London are awesome, a new club certainly must have something else and I think it is here that Kinky Salon will succeed. Not strictly a fetish club, but rather a playful, hedonist, sexy, queer space that encourages outrageous behaviour and creativity that is not directly associated with the usual dresscode of fetish-clubs, this might be exactly what you need.
The next party is on March 13, 2010, from 9 pm-4 pm and this is what they say about what is awaiting you who decide to go:

“Prepare yourself to have your inner child corrupted at the Toybox for Misfit Toys!

In honour of our first Kinky Salon endeavour, and the playful environment we hope to create, we’d like to corrupt your inner child at the Toybox for Misfit Toys!

“Come, naughty children, go fetch your warm gingerbread
and into the Dark Woods of Bed Time Stories, shall we tread…
Past pubescent candy bushes and gooey gumdrop vales,
Down moist, heaving slopes and past slippery, wet dales!
Where Beautiful Princesses dream in deep slumber
of being lavished upon by not one, but three Princes, in number!

Where Little Miss Muffet, that cheeky young tart
stuck a thumb up Jack Horner and gave him a start!
(and BTW- what the f*ck is a Tuffet?)

And yes, it’s quite true, (but long ago from the books since cut)
that the Mad Hatter had a thing for Alice’s perky, round butt-
He spanked her so firmly with his small, gloved hand,
it did wake the Jabberwocky from Slythy Tove Land!
And Snow White, that prude who just LOVED to sing
got herself tied up and lashed good, with a dragonfly wing
(by  Evil Witch & Puss-In-Boots …a Faux Queen and Faux King)

How about poor Rapunzel, pestered by that weird, pervert Gnome- all hairy?
Or, all the positions possible with 3 Bears and a girl ?
(Ponder that, yeah, it’s just scary…)

And of course all our favorite, the one with the Wolf
who had his head lopped off,  a-Trisket a-trasket
by Miss Thang with a huge knife she kept hid in her basket!
‘..all the better to chop your frickin head off, Mr. BEEEYOTCH!’”

I’m so going.
Another event you don’t want to miss is the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (don’t try to say that fast and many times!). This is an event during easter (2-5 april, 2010) and with loads of workshops and shows, by those who are amongst the rope-savviest people in the world.
Will bump these events more in future as well.


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