Flying away

Ok, so I’m off for a long weekend to Spain. And it’s kind of a special one because we are going to a place that we are going to have all for ourselves. And while I might have sundresses, sunblock and swimsuit with me, it’s the other parts of the luggage that is interesting.

So let’s look into my bag then shall we, just for fun and because I love travelling kink;

* 2 sets of jute (6 pieces in each set)

* 1 set of synthetic rope (for bondage in the pool!)

*1 gasmask

*Several pairs of nippleclamps

* Collar and lead

*Pinwheel and metalnails

* blindfolds and gags

* Strapon, two dildos

* Portable vibrator

* Mummificationtape

* Two small but nasty floggers

* one set of latexclothes

* And of course,the all important spa-products, as well as lube, plugs, condoms, latexgloves and EMT safety shears. Always remember kids, be safe!

Now, it might be that I,ve missed something, but I’m pretty dan proud I got all that and some clothes in the small bag that I usually have as carry on luggage. This is going to get checked in though!

In the meantime I’ve prepped some posts for you, our dear reader, so you won’t be left high and dry while I’m hopefully drinking sangria by the pool and not going to the wrong part of the world.



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