Learning minds-Shibaricon 2011

What do you know when you tie or get tied? What do you think, feel, what do you see? One of those things that became even more evident during the weekend at Shibarcon was I don’t want to tie with a ‘me’ but with a sense of ‘us’. That is, the focus remains on the shared experience; first and foremost shared by me and rope-partners, and in some cases, the inner experience that unfolds in self-bondage, due to outer restraints. Then, depending on where you are playing and how you are playing, you might affect others as well, intentional or non-intentional. It can be that moment, you know, when you look over a playspace and a specific scene catches your eye, you can’t stop watching and you find yourself engulfed into something that you are not immediately involved in. You have no intentions what so ever to interrupt the scene, but it still sucks you right in, into your mind and afterwards, you breathe almost as if you have been there yourself, you are hard/wet/ brainfucked/exhilarated/insert preferred state of mind here.

And what was great about Shibaricon was that intense feeling of tying, not just for yourself, or your partner, but together with others. A community of rope-geekery, with a focus on the rope but with so much space for any kind of play that would fall under the BDSM-acronym. Knowing that, thinking ‘Wow, all these people!’, feeling safe and encouraged, and seeing all of this happening, was truly something special. These are the posts about the classes and general interactions that resulted in some kind of learning experience or the thoughts around these. I wont have the possibility to cover all the classes I took, there is only as much as a girl can write about.

Furthermore; do you feel like you want to add something about a class you took that I have not mentioned? Scribble down a comment about it, what you thought and learned, and I can add it to the post.  Remember to credit the people involved as well 🙂 And if I have left out names, or misspelled anything, please do say 🙂



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