Saturday, classes and Cabaret- Shibaricon 2011

So, Saturday turned into a very interesting day. After the shenanigans on the Friday evening and night I was lucky enough to not oversleep, but was instead very early to Graydancers Partial Suspension class. This was along with the focus I had intended to take for classes during Shibaricon; classes on interaction and classes on the most basic suspension-work. Lets just say that any kind of awesome plan I had, from Saturday afternoon, it went out of the window, as it became so much easier to just float a long and see where you ended up. Some of the classes I made, others, well, falling into a class you have no idea of what it is about is sometimes the best thing you can do.

Back to the class; I was joined by the delectable Duracell, a rope-bottom and submissive who I had the pleasure to see in Lochai’s class the previous day. The room in which Graydancer gave his class was huge, with a dozen of frames, all providing multiple points of suspensions, and sharing is indeed caring, which many had to do, as the interest for a class like this is huge. Several people had mentioned that the suspension-classes in general are very popular, and there seems to be this interest in general when it comes to performing suspensions. Will perhaps return to a discussion on this at some point later. One of Gray’s very kind assistants (name?) helped to put up a ring and then the class started. Gray started out with the basics, and one of the most important points that ha made was; Why? What is the purpose of what ever suspension you are doing, partial or otherwise? What does it add to the scene that you are doing and what is the possible affect?

After the introduction we started chasing a bunny around a small tree and a big tree. Yes, that is a description of a knot-figuration used for suspension-lines and the like. What I really enjoyed was how straight forward the teaching  was. Broken down into the important elements, clearly defined and explained and then put into action. Exercises followed, all of which gave new input or clarified for me, ‘old’ information. Duracell was delicious to work with, communicating clearly, helping if I missed something that was said due to being so focussed on the rope. One really good point that was made that is easy to forget, when pulling the suspension-rope, do it with the whole of your body, use your knees and not your back. This made me laugh, as it reminded me of how we were instructed to lift and to move with heavy things when working in the stable. Stuff like this can be a real physical exercise, my fingers were quite raw after this class, and the physicality of it gave certainly an extra buzz. Another trick; keep some hand-lotion with you in your bag, as working so much with rope can really dry your hands out.

After the class it was time to start to properly prep for my own presentation. I’m actually not going to post the presentation itself yet, as the work is going to be revised during the Summer, for the benefit of future readers hopefully. Academic constraints meant I had to cut several 1000 words, and leave elements I sought to explore out. But what I can say was that I was overwhelmed by the interest and the will to engage with this kind of research, both on an academic and also personal level. I want to continue talking with all of you, because your relationships towards rope is what counts, it is not what the general discourse on pathological deviance that matters, it is your lives and your experiences, in what ever way you wish to approach it. Suffice to say, we need different approaches to researching ‘alternative’ sexualities and expressions of these, stronger methodologies and methods.

I was intending to go to Midori’s talk on Pink Japan, but after the presentation I was fairly tired and was instead asked if I wanted to do some rope to relax. J is a blonde, smiling ball of fun, with an awesome hairdo, and very rubbable head as well. We had met at the meet and greet and as we got so well along, I had already had a very good time her once. She felt a bit tired as well, so we went to find a spot to get some rope done and relax. The tying turned very meditational, but also very emotional. I don’t really know, but as it happened, she ended up feeling better afterwards, and I felt up feeling very down and droppy. Instead of going to another class or socialise, we went up to my room, ate Reese’s Cups and drank lemonade, chatting about everything and nothing. Convention-drop is a concept which is apparently quite common in the U.S, where large gatherings over a couple of days are more common in general, but I was first not sure about how to deal with one drop during the con itself. I guess it was all the jetlag, all the tying, nerves about the presentation, all the focus et cetera that played a part. But with a rest, some sugar, and good company I felt ready for another evening, and it was also time for Graydancer’s Cabaret.

This cabaret was more than rope-shows, including stand-up comedy, burlesque, singing, presentations of new inventions to ease the pains of being a pervert. We also got to see a butoh-inspired dance by Cherries Jubilae and Tatu, which emotionally framed the silent auction of a printed photography, donated by the rigger Wykd Dave and the photographer, Niko Photo. This was for the benefit of earth-quake relief in Japan and was in the end picked up for $500 by Hammer. Congratulations on a massively beautiful print!

Another show which made me smile was the uber awesome queer rope-busters rope-scene, which featured Parker the Ropeboi, coming out on the scene dressed as a ghost, doing a self-suspension with both rope and chains. It was impossible to stop staring at Parkers face as it was so incredibly expressive, and it got even more expressive as the Ghost-busters came out. Following this, a large hose-down with the ghost-busters, and suck/fuck/hump fest followed, with the ghost being properly treated while still hanging in the ropes and the chains. So funny, so sexy, so awesome.

DNGG performed a lovely strip-tease,and one of the reasons why it was so awesome, was because of the obvious intense connection and interplay between her and her partner. Every time their eyes met it was like electricity, and seeing that between them was just beautiful.
There was also a very hot rope and singing number, but my memory fails in remembering which song Cherries Jubilae sang while Leon Monkeyfetish tied her up, cut her clothes and then cut the suspensionline.

A rope-number came from from Wykd Dave and Clover. They played heavily on Japanese Aesthetics and did it so very well with beautiful interaction, delicious rope-skills and flawless suspensiontransitions, of which they were many!We had the shame of exposed flesh, a complete abandonment into rope. I’ve seen these guys before doing rope together, and know of the strong bond they have, but never actually seen a performance. There was a speed and a preciseness in Dave’s movement which made me want to go and practice my own rope to get better, but there was also a connection; that together with Daves technique and presence and Clovers strength and trust in her partner all shone through as they performed, not just for us, but also for themselves. And I could not stop smiling.

The final number was The Rope Touch, a rap by Graydancer.

sung to the tune of “The Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang:

“The Rope Touch”

Ha-Ha! Well now, we call this the act of tying
But there are several other very important differences
Between riggers and bottoms that you should know about

I’d appreciate your input

Tie baby tie baby sex with a Texas cuff
Me and you tie the kind of stuff that makes Claire Adams yell “Enough!”
I’ll tie your hands round my pants and you’ll fondle my butt
Yes it’s Sisal, yes I’m Evil but I could use coconut.
Kink from Maui, think it’s owie, you want it rough around your junk
Could use 4 mil like Boss Bondage, could use an asshook from twisted monk!
Quicker than Lqqkout never showin’ no doubt I’m like Isopropyl alcohol you seen
Cuz my burn rate’s faster than Multi Filament PolyPropylene

Tie it now
Jay Wiseman said that we don’t need to worry
If I tie you in Shibari that I learned from Midori
Jay Wiseman said that we don’t need to worry
If I tie you in Shibari that I learned from Midori
Gettin’ kinky now!

Dov, the guy with balls bigger than the moons of Mars
If he were into CBT I bet they could suspend Fivestar,
Kinbakushi? Nawashi wanna sushi? Fuck that pseudo-Japanese

My knots capsize on your thighs cuz my carabiner’s finer with a sexy gated lock
And if we can’t find a hard point I’ll suspend you from my cock!
I’ll tie up yours you’ll tie up mine and neither one of us will bitch
Cuz we know the sexiest ropesluts all identify as “SWITCH!”

Tie it now
ein, svei, drei, baby tie how you feel
Gonna do some kinbaku like I was fuckin’ Zamil,
ein, svei, drei, baby tie how you feel
Gonna do some kinbaku like I was fuckin’ Zamil,
Gettin’ horny now!

Babe you got an ass that is tender and juicy,
So you be my M-jo baby and I’ll be your bakushi…
You can be my windmill and I’m Dom Quixote,
Gonna tie your tits up in a takate kote,
Tie it now

Tie it now
I’m a bad-ass rigger and you are a hotty,
So let’s grab us some hemp and get dirty and knotty
Gettin’ kinky now
Rope bondage means never sayin’ you’re sorry,
So let’s do it like they do when they’re doin’ shibari!


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