Random good stuff

It feels great to be posting properly here again, and there are still more stuff coming up from Shibaricon. Also, when there is time, I would love to be able to post some of the leftovers I’ve not posted yet, such as more of the adventures from Tokyo earlier this year. Yeah, better late than never, right?

But in the meantime, here is some random stuff I found which I think is really interesting and worth checking out. First of all, how many people is there out there who sing kinky folkmusic? Dear pervert, this is Chastity; two great artists who has some great tracks up their sleeve:

Then, when I was visiting the amazing city of San Francisco, I got to very briefly meet some of the members of  San Francisco girls of Leather (SFgoL). Ok, so it was in a dark parking lot, but everyone was very well behaved. Then, just a week later I got to meet a lovely girl in Sweden who had been a part of this group. And now, they are on the cover to S.F Guardian with a huge article  that is so well written. Good kink/leather activism and solidarity at its best as well, hugely inspiring.

Then, there is also an event coming up in Dublin. Twisted Leprechaun! The first of its kind in Europe, inspired by Shibaricon, will take place the 10th-11th of September, just outside Dublin, Ireland. Just registered and the schedule for presenters looks awesome, with talent both from Europe and from the States and Canada.



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