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Ripples; or the waves of a spanked bottom and more

Today is another ‘small and interesting things’ day.

Via Freedom of Fetish I came across this amazing video:
SHOWstudio: The Fashion Body – Buttocks.

Watch it while playing music like Massive Attack, it really works so beautifully and is very soothing.

This picture of Lady Gaga made me breathe very heavily.

Photo from a Nick Knight & Ruth Hogden Film. Posted at http://nicolaformichetti.blogspot.com

And someone who has been inspired by the Lady herself, is Lydia Hearst. These photos are just utterly amazing, all of them soaked with undertones of D/S as well as a beautiful picture of Hearst offering rope from her hands.

I know, I know, usually this blog does not concern itself with the ins and outs of celebrities, but I picked these because I find it fascinating how BDSM is bleeding in to the celebrity culture, and not just overtly as Madonna’s and Britney’s forced poses, but also more subtle and artistic, bleeding in to the conscience and images. Making it a whole lot more fun to find pervery in everyday life!