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Ok, so no one has missed the vampire craze, unless you spent the last years under a stone in the middle of nowhere. I tried to go there, because I’m not really into the whole fang-thing, but in the end I wanted a night out with friends so I ended up at Fangtasia’s b’day party in East London. Now, this is not a BDSM-event, but kinky enough to have plenty of eyecandy and outrageous performances.

I’ve departed somewhat from my high-femme personae lately. This evening was bikerchick in latex-tights and leathergloves. There is something special about being able to stomp properly in boots.
While alcohol was flowing there was also familiar faces everywhere and a welcoming atmosphere and adding some really bloody good performances to that, I stumbled home quite pleased.

First I must say, I am pretty tired of the whole burlesque-craze, a craze which is now at its height in Sweden and still being quite strong here in the U.K. While I acknowledge that there certainly can be interesting art created, I rarely get this from burlesque-performers, who often just play into a role that is already established rather than subverting it, as it was intended to do from the beginning.
But at Fangtasia, there was suddenly a creature on stage, dancing with feathers, dressed in a white latex catsuit and white latex hood with only one opening for the eye, that was framed with bright red sparkles. There was a nozzle leading from the mouth to a  bag strapped to her leg, filled with a red fluid. She danced slowly to this track while drinking it all up, all the red fluid.

And here you can see it all, the amazing performance by Marnie Scarlet:

A second show was one with a couple of friends of mine who went full out. The delectable Electronic Doll starts off on the scene, dancing but all of a sudden attacked, first once but fighting it off with a cheeky smile, then surprised by the next attack, and with two against one and a chain around her neck, she is at the mercy of the two ruthless and violent vampires who string her up and get all the blood they can from her. These guys get into it. There is shouting, punching, screaming, wide-eyed surprise and fear, fake blood all over the place and some humour. Which is something I find extremely encouraging. What would all of this be if there was no fun? No irony, satire, no sense of humour and ability to look at ourselves not too seriously?

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Anyhow, that evening only got better when Shadow turned up, completely unexpected. We spoke for a good part of the evening, and she helped me to see the plateau I’ve come to with my rope as something that is being processed.
I guess there is always the factor that I’ve been going full out the last year or so, trying to do as much and learn as much as possible, and now there has been an overdose. The days before Fangtasia I had been a bit on and off with the rope, been left with my feelings of being uninspired as well as quite messy in the work I’ve tried to do. But Shadow made me remember that old thing about stuff such as writer’s block. It is not a block but a transitional stage, where things happen in your brain, but not necessarily is ready to reach your fingers yet. That is why I’ve been kind to myself, no pressure but rather enjoyment and positive input.

Which, in reality, means that I am really lazy and tie very few people, and instead enjoy being in the ropes myself. Now, since it was my b’day just a couple of days before Fangtasia, I was cheeky enough to ask B if he wanted to do some rope, since he had brought them with him because of the earlier performance. And after the shows were done, people had smoked enough, danced enough (oh yes, there was dancing to good music!) we all went home. And I fell asleep smiling, thinking of having teeth sinking into my flesh, slowly, slowly.

All pictures by the amazing Echo Photography